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Super Shuttle Gives Bad Service

I had a nasty experience with supershuttle last week in Austin.

I booked a return fair from the airport to the hotel. That was a mistake!

They got me to the hotel, but they didn’t get me back to the airport.

They were supposed to pick me up at 10:00. I was there about five minutes early.

By half past they still hadn’t arrived so I called a taxi. By the time it arrived 10 minutes later, they still hadn’t arrived.

I nearly couldn’t check my bags because I just missed the deadline. Luckily the airport staff let me check my bags anyhow.

When I got home, I called supershuttle. I figured I’d call SuperShuttle and at least give them a chance to defend themselves, before deciding if I should ever use them again.

Instead, they convinced me to avoid them!

When I called in, the employee took my complaint, but told me that a manager would call me back about it within 5 to 7 business days!

I got the call today. She left a message saying that they can not refund me because the van was there (at 10:07) and I wasn’t!

I was so angry that I’ll be glad to pay a taxi to avoid every using SuperShuttle again!

What kind of a company designs itself to irritate customers so much that they never want to use you again, and want to tell others not to as well?

These people are insane! All this time I’d been avoiding taxis to save money, and nearly lost all the money I’d saved over the years on the risk of missing a flight, because this company, who’s job it is to get you to the airport in time to catch your flight!

If you really want to use supershuttle to save money, only buy a one-way fair. They may still not turn up, but at least you won’t have to pay for the trip twice.

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